This versatile Athleisure Shoe is Super Comfortable

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This versatile athleisure shoe is super comfortable

You can go from running errands right to your workout when you have this versatile athleisure shoe. It features a natural fit that you can wear all day long. Keep reading this blog to find out more about this super-comfortable shoe.

This versatile Athleisure Shoe is Super Comfortable – Have you ever wanted to have a pair of shoes that you can use as long as during the workouts? Because if you are already using the right shoes, that is an element of less clothes that you have to hunt before going to your career or start a training video. Fortunately, that ideal shoe already exists. I’m talking about the Flux Adapt athleisure shoe. These versatile athletic shoes are great for all-day wear, during home workouts, and exercise at the gym.

The flow adapts the atleisure shoe looks like an elegant leisure shoe, and it is. With flat, white, this shoe is ideal for running back and walks through the city or the park. It also comes in three fresh colors: white, black / white, and blackout, a completely black design. So you will definitely feel like you are using fashion. But best of all, this shoe has a unique design that keeps your foot in a healthy position, regardless of what activity you are doing.

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What is AdaptSol Technology?

This versatile athletic shoe has adaptation technology. According to the company’s Indian page, this technology consists of three parts: the upper part of Adaptknit, the adaptation cushion and the adaptation tread. The upper part of Adaptknit is the top of the shoe. It has a recycled point with a four-way stretch.

Adapasol is the sole and is done with independent and floating cushion tasters that provide greater control and spatial awareness on your feet. Finally, the adaptation is the tread band of the shoes and works together with the internal cushion to suit the shape of its foot; It gives you that feeling of a barefoot.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a person walking

Is this shoe flexible?

Sure they are. Flux Adapt Athleisure The flexibility of the shoe is found with the adaptation, which makes this shoe move with the foot. The company says it is a shoe experience unlike everything you have experienced. The rubber rolling band and the adaptive template give you a new level of movement that you will love.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a person jumping

How does this leisure shoe keep your foot in a natural position?

Flux adapt manufacturers say that most shoes in the market have a slightly high heel. This makes his tendons shorten and weaken, which is not an exciting perspective for anyone. This versatile athletic shoe, however, does not have heel elevation. It is a characteristic that the company calls a natural null fall, keeping its foot stable and strong as it moves. So the flow adapts keeps your feet in a healthier and more natural position.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe during a training session

Is this every-day shoe good for workouts?

The company says that it has meticulously researched the optimum width of the Toe box for athletic activity. The fingers of this versatile athletic shoe are not too loose or too tight, allowing freedom of movement. It also admits natural movement while minimizing slips when moving from side to side. So Flox Adapt will keep you ready for all your training sessions.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a man

Can you wash Flux Adapt in the washing machine?

You will not have to worry about stinky shoes when you have an adapted flow. That’s because you can throw these shoes in the washing machine when they get dirty, just as you do with your clothes. So you will always have clean squeaky shoes. Now that is a useful gadget.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a woman walking

Is this casual shoe good for night workouts?

This versatile shoe of atleisura boasts of reflective logos, which allows you to easily look at sunset or at night. Then, instead of going to run at night with their typical running shoes, Floux ADAPT adds a bit of an additional brightness to its walk, keeping drivers and other people on the aware of their presence.

Flux Adapt Athleisure Shoe

Flux Adapt athleisure shoe on a man jumping rope

Who can wear this shoe?

Only about anyone can use this atleysura shoe. The flow is adapted has a unisex size. It adapts men of sizes 4-14 and women of sizes 6-16. Therefore, the company produces a wide variety of sizes, and you can get matching shoes to use with your partner. In our opinion, that is a pretty great product.

The ATHLEISURE SHOE FLOW is an excellent shoe. It looks elegant and keeps the foot in a healthy position. Best of all, it is super comfortable with your sole that moves with you and runs with the tread for that fresh feeling, barefoot. These shoes make a great addition to anyone’s closet. They also make a great gift for the person busy in your life.

The ATHLEISURE SHOE FLOW costs $ 85. You can preorder yours in Indiegogo.

What do you think about this super versatile shoe? Let us know what qualities your ideal shoe has in the comments.

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