Velour Clothing is the Throwback Trend Your WFH Wardrobe Needs

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Velour Clothing Is the Throwback Trend Your WFH Wardrobe Needs—Here Are 9 Pieces To Shop

After seeing an episode of simple life, my own high school was sure of one thing: a juicy high-seam velvet tracksuit was critical for my happiness. So began my life for life to buy things.

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My desire was only fueled by the fact that my parents would not let me have one. My father would spend $ 50 in a crying cardboard of legolas for me (and you know that my embarrassing ass intended to dance with him), but not a trackplayer who could use literally everywhere? Make it make sense.

Well, now is my time to shine because velvet clothes and sweats matching are generally having a moment. The soft and cozy fabric is perfect for cold days WFH, and this year’s iterations light up in imitation diamonds. (Someone, please, tell me if I’m sitting on the imitation diamonds that spelled “juicy” through your ass, always felt uncomfortable.) Store nine pieces of velvet clothes down.

1. Free People Harper Printed Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, $168

Free People Velour Jumpsuit
Photo: Nordstrom

Perfect for Swanning about his apartment while analyzing the compatibility of the national graphics of his lovers with his loudly his dog, whose face seems to say “is not another sign of fire, girl.”

2. Aerie Real Obsessed Velour Jogger, $28 (originally $40)

Aerie Velour Joggers
Photo: Aerie

At this moment, I do not have problems looking out of my house so that my dog ​​got into a big giant sweater, and not in a beautiful way of Ariana, and my dyed. Buying the three colors of these sweats will not cure the depression that led this unfortunate situation, but at least it will give me some more comfortable reasons to put on your pants.

3. Ninety Percent Oversized Velour Dress, $170

Ninety Percent Velour Dress
Photo: Ninety Percent

Camouflage how bloated you are from eating chickpea pasta for five days in a row, but maintain your melancholic disposition.

4. Softies Women’s Snuggle Lounger, $94

Softies VelourPhoto: Softies

“You are welcome” is a tired phrase that should stay where it belongs, in the Ledes of women’s publications 2015 on the best leaves of leaves to take selfies in, but I’ll take it back for a brief revival here because I’m introducing you to this dress of blanket and nothing. It is soft and welcoming and has a pocket to store essential elements such as sandwiches and identification to show the person who is delivering alcohol to your home.

5. Suzie Kondi Track Pants, $195

Suzie Kondi Velour Pants
Photo: Suzie Kondi

These are excellent “post-orgasm, but the ex occurrence that is over, so you go to the fridge and get the rest of your bagel sandwich to eat on the bed while continuing with the grateful conversation that it is not a facetime” Sweats I’m talking about a purely hypothetical capacity, of course.

6. Skims Velour Crew Neck Tank, $52

Skims Velour Tank
Photo: Skims

Pretend things are normal for just a brief period of time in this soft high-neck tank.

7. Local Heroes Velvet Blue Shorts, $36 (originally $60)

Local Heroes Velour ShortsPhoto: Local Heroes

There’s an easy blue velvet joke in here somewhere, but I just can’t quite get there due to *gestures vaguely*.

8. Alo Layer Long Sleeve Top, $77 (originally 128)

Alo Velour Sweatshirt
Photo: Alo Yoga

The gentle texture and jewel tone of this sweatshirt will be especially luxurious in the selfies. Publish on Instagram, even if reality is that you had to find a space in your apartment that does not look like a cardboard box cemetery of all your impulse. Stress shopping.

9. Kappa x Juicy Couture Eco Pant, $150

Kappa x Juicy Couture Velour Sweats
Photo: Revolve

I had to have juicy couture here somewhere. These corridors, part of a collaboration with Kappa, are certainly more subjected than the peers with “juicy” that are detailed in the imitation diamonds in the ass, but still have a bit of style thanks to the embossed logos that cover them.

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