Vaonis Vespera lightweight telescope offers a new way to explore the universe

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Vaonis Vespera Light Telescope adapts to all levels of astronomy enthusiasts. This compact and powerful exploration station is both a telescope and a camera.

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Reconnect with the stars, observe the cosmos, and share what you see with your family and friends. All you have to do is use the connected application to take your own photos of the moon, galaxies, nebulae and more. This little telescope measures only 15 inches tall and weighs only 10 pounds, so you can fit in your backpack. It has a powerful optical design with zero distortion and a Sony sensor that is specially designed for low light conditions. Explore the world and beyond with this easy-to-use light telescope. Simply adjust the tripod, and calibrate with your GPS and Starfield recognition. Through the application, you can select what you want to observe, and the Vespera will find it and will continue to calculate the rotation of the Earth.

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