This typewriter keyboard will actually make you work faster

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This typewriter keyboard will actually make you work faster

If you love the look and sound of an antique typewriter, you’ll want to check out this gadget. This typewriter keyboard looks just like a retro typewriter and its keys make that satisfying click-clackety sound. But its tech is completely modern. Keep reading to see how this gorgeous yet practical keyboard can boost your productivity.

If too much time passes writing for work, you know how important it is to have a good keyboard. And if you are writing, most likely also it has a weakness for typewriters. Who can resist the sound of click-clackety pouring his thoughts on paper? Unfortunately, typewriters produce work no longer suits the needs of the modern professional. Or does it? The company behind the Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard has created a keyboard that looks and sounds like a typewriter from the 1920s and it’s equipped will all of today’s tech.

The Envisions Bluetooth keyboard Fineday retro typewriter a kind of workspace where the previous ones designs machines have the capabilities that people today need to do their jobs. This typewriter keyboard boasts shiny and black metal chair shaped keys reminiscent of typewriters from the 1920s also allows writers revel in their trabajo’táctiles and hearing, with sound satisfaction of the keys make. And is wired or wireless, hotkeys, and other technology offers increased speed and accuracy, according to the company Indiegogo page. Sounds like a great keyboard for anyone who likes to write you.

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This retro keyboard gives you a satisfying typing experience

In essence, writing is a tactile act. There is something gratifying about feeling your fingers flying across a keyboard to compose his thoughts. And the sound of keys clicking as you type is oh so necessary. It is these elements that you get with this typewriter keyboard Bluetooth. Key features ergonomic shaped chair with blue OUTEMU axis mechanical switches. And reverse the remarkable emit sound you need as you type.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard with a person typing

This keyboard is a classic tool for the modern writer

While this script design of the device call to mind the great works of past literary geniuses, you will not keep the keyboard on your desk just for the sake of inspiration. No, this keyboard is also a powerful tool that will help you do the job. That’s because it allows devices to work in three countries. Therefore, you can connect the keyboard to your desk phone, laptop and tablet and work seamlessly among them thanks to a strong connection Bluetooth 5.0. Also it works both ways cable when you need to be a speed demon and is compatible with Windows / iOS / Android.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard next to a brick wall

Multi-function hotkeys make typing effortless

You know what your grandparents probably wanted their typewriters? Hotkeys. And this typewriter keyboard tienelos. They allow you to automate some of your repeated write actions so you can work faster. Retro FindeDAY key keyboard has a Windows logo, and Mac users can use it as a key command.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard with a tablet in its holder

A number pad helps with spreadsheets

It is easier to enter numbers on a keypad. And if your job also involves spreadsheets, you’ll appreciate the Fineday Retro Bluetooth Keyboard‘s number pad. It is a new addition to the version of this Retro 2.0 keyboard, had requested one of the users of version 1.0. You will accelerate through your calculations with this useful feature since you will never have to remove the view from the screen. Its accuracy will also improve, since you will not have to stretch your fingers to reach the numbers above the alphabetical part of the keyboard.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard with desk accessories

A typing experience that’s truly comfortable

Another element of cool design of this keyboard is its mounting bracket. He is holding smaller devices as a tablet or phone while writing at an angle of 22.09 degrees. This allows you to work from these devices for long without strain neck. It also makes it easier to work both your desktop as a Smartphone or tablet at a time.

LED backlighting brightens your typing experience

Finally, this keyboard has a white and soft LED backlight. This feature helps illuminate your desk and while you work, allowing you to see everything clearly as you write. What’s more, you can easily adjust the brightness of the feedback with the remote control of the left roller, a design feature that makes this aspect of the keyboard as well as a true typewriter.

This typewriter keyboard is an ideal gadget for writers, advertising messages and anyone who appreciates the designs of previous products. The design is beautiful and gives character to any desk. In addition, this ancient inspirational design really help you get work done with your ergonomic keys and your ability so you can work between your simultaneousl devices. Placing the device on the bracket only improves its productivity. This Bluetooth keyboard makes a great gift for not only for writers, but any professional spending hours on your keyboard.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard cost $ 158 and is available for pre-order Indiegogo.

Do you like products that make use of past designs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard on a white desk

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