This Swiss-made movement Watch is the Accessories you Want Your Wrist

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This Swiss-made movement watch is the accessory you want your wrist

A traditional watch is a great way to add a touch of class to your look. And this watch will do just that. It features a unique, transparent design that’s unlike any luxury watch you’ve seen. Check out this blog post to learn more about this one-of-a-kind wristwatch.

This Swiss-made movement watch is the accessory you want your wrist – A beautiful and well-made clock says something about your personality. Sure, you could go for the last and largest smartwatch out there, and those who have their place. But if you want to show that appreciate good craftsmanship and art, you need a traditional clock in the accessories collection. And a great one is the WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch. This Swiss movement watch has a clock case that is completely made of sapphire crystal.

The WTIF Sapphire-Crystal-Case Watch has a transparent aspect with your unique clock case. It’s a rare design element because most watch cases have some metal, somewhere. This one only has a thin metallic band around the top, letting you see through the watch at all angles. It’s a stunning, elegant watch that isn’t like the others you’ll find on the market. And what’s more, the design is quite affordable compared to other luxury watches.

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Who is the designer?

Volker Eberle is the designer behind the Wtif Sapphire-Crystal-Case watch. He trained in Germany as a goldsmith and developed his trade for seven years. Then he worked as Operations Manager for the main observation firms, and finally headed his design team. After that, he led one of the best-known clock and accessories firms in the United States. So he is an expert in everything related to the clock.

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch close up

What makes this luxury watch unique?

Like the company’s first generation clock, this Swiss movement clock has the sapphire crystal sheath that I mentioned earlier. According to the Kickstarter page of the Maker, this case design creates a classy clock that is a show-stopper. It is true; You will have many heads and make a few conversations while you wear this clock. You can look through this clock from anywhere to see its internal operation. It’s one gadget that will surely impress your friends this year.

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch with mesh bands

How is the design interchangeable?

Another of the cool features of Wtif Sapphire-Crystal-class Watch is its interchangeable design. It allows you to change watch bands for greater flexibility. So let’s say you have meetings all day more an event at night. You can choose a leather strap for your meetings for your meetings and the gold mesh strap for the event. It is an excellent way to refresh your attire all day and make sure what you are always using the occasion.

The straps you can choose include Italian leather straps that feel gentle against the skin and fit the wrist. There are also stainless steel mesh bands that give you that small additional layer of sophistication. No matter what you choose, you will get a clock you will be proud to use.

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch side view

How many styles can you choose from?

It will not be pampered to choose when it comes to this Swiss movement clock. There are six styles to choose from, including steel / black with black leather and a steel mesh band, steel / dark brown with dark brown leather and a steel mesh band, black with black leather and a black mesh band, pink gold / Black with black leather and a pink gold mesh band, pink / brown gold with brown leather and a pink gold mesh band, and gold with white leather and a gold mesh band. So it does not matter your favorite style or palette, you will find a Sapphire WTIF glass case clock that matches.

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch with stainless steel mesh bands

What other features does this unique timepiece have?

This beautiful watch has a lovely automatic mechanical movement made swiss. So you can be sure that the interior jobs are first class and incredibly reliable. In addition, this Swiss movement clock is waterproof at 50 meters, protecting your watch from contact with water. The company says that they have worked for years to seek a profitable way to produce a clock of this quality at a price that is affordable. They certainly have done it with the WTIF Sapphire-Crystal-Case watch.

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch close up

If you love unique product designs, the WTIF Sapphire-Crystal-Case watch is the clock for you. Your transparent case is truly something to look at. And the Swiss Movement gives you the quality and accuracy that you expect from a luxury watch. In addition, it is waterproof to water up to 50 meters, so it is a wristwatch to which you will not have to worry about constantly, which is a great advantage. It makes a great addition to your collection of accessories of your loved one.

The WTIF Sapphire-Crystal-Case watch costs $ 375, and you can preorder yours in Kickstarter.

What do you look for in a great watch? Let us know in the comments :).

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch

WTIF sapphire-crystal-case watch close up of dial

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