This AI security camera offers high night-vision performance

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This AI security camera offers high night-vision performance

Do you wish you could get a clearer picture of your property or business at night? It’s possible when you have the EZVIZ C3X AI-powered security camera. This unique home security gadget gives you vivid, color footage in the dark and even has a learning algorithm that detects humans and vehicles.

If you own a home or business, you know it’s important to see what is happening around your property at night. The problem is that most security cameras have night vision capabilities well below par. In most cases, when you check your security camera in the dark, all you see are black and white images without much detail. Is that the way to the end of your driveway of a shrub or an intruder? One hopes for the best. But when you have a security camera at home, you should not have to just hope all is well; the camera needs to reassure you. And this is the assurance that the hopes of cameras that work with AI ezViz C3X they provide. It is a security camera that provides images at night AI, bright colors.

EZVIZ C3X isn’t your typical home security camera. This is because it is designed to give colors, detailed images at the moment it is more difficult to burn: night. And it does so without the aid of supplemental lighting hard. In addition, AI algorithms provide accurate alerts when people and vehicles that appear in their designated areas, decreasing the likelihood that you will get fake notifications. In the box, you receive C3X 1080p camera Wi-Fi, template drill, CAT5 waterproofing kit, power adapter, Quick Start Guide and set screws. So it comes with almost everything you need for creating and running right out of the box.

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See colored images, even at night

Yes, you can get insight into high-quality color at night from a security camera. The C3X achieves this thanks to its Dual-color night vision lens. This technology allows a lens to record the brightness of the environment, while other information capture color. The two images then merged to create visuals with incredible detail and realistic color. These are the images you want to see before checking your camera for the last time before bedtime.

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera outside with trees

Get intelligent person and vehicle detection

However, this security camera IA is not just visual elements. It is also quite intelligent. Its integrated algorithm does not require an additional subscription and allows the C3X identify the movement of humans and vehicles. This ensures that sends alerts that are relevant to the safety of your home. Finally, you have a smart home device that is truly intelligent; you can take a turn for you when nobody is looking.

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera outside of a home

Protect the areas that matter

With this security system, you can ensure that specific areas surrounding their property are protected. Draw designated areas in the field of view of the camera wherever you keep people, cars, or both out. When the camera detects objects in those areas, large siren will sound and flashing a strobe light to scare intruders. In addition, we will notify you in less than one second during these scenarios.

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera in use

Set customizable voice alerts

This security camera AI even talk to customers, both service and good nasty when activity is detected. You can customize messages to warn intruders off or welcome friends when they visit. Or if visitors to the park in areas out of bounds, the C3X can instruct them to leave the car elsewhere.

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera on an exterior wall

Choose a weatherproof security camera with free 24-hour storage

You will not have to worry about the weather affecting this security camera smart home. It has an all metal housing and IP67. This means it can withstand rain, storm, sunny, and even snowy conditions. Another cool—and cost-friendly—feature is the C3X’s free, 24-hour cloud storage. It allows you to view footage in the last 24 hours without charge. All information recorded by the device to the server is protected with bank-level encryption and IOS / IEC 21001.

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera

EZVIZ C3X AI-powered camera close up

Enjoy top-of-the-line home security

According to ezViz, this security camera AI is a security system with all the features that goes beyond a conventional camera at home. It Includes HD quality imaging, two-way audio, customizable alarms, intelligent AI algorithms, and night vision color. So it’s a device that provides comprehensive security coverage.

Driven camera IA ezViz night C3X provides unprecedented color images. And that’s a feature that really makes this camera a profitable investment; there is nothing worse than seeing something unknown and indiscernible: the security camera at night. This security camera AI also lets you set specific areas and has intelligent person and vehicle detection. It is a security setting for the entire home and families, business owners, and property around the world can appreciate. It’s a gadget that’s sure to boost security wherever you place it.

What do you look for in a security camera? Let us know your thoughts or if you already have a security camera at home you love in the comments.

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