The Softest Pair of Leggings Ever Costs Half the Price of Luxury Brands

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I have reached the stage of leggings enthusiasm (some would call it “snobbery”) I can tell if I like a couple just by running my hands through the fabric. rough materials, thicker usually have a veto from me, but I delivered a soft pants like butter that airy and light and I will use until the seams to unravel.

When I picked up Lively The Active Legging ($55), I knew I’d stumbled upon a piece worthy of sweaty workouts, cozy nights in, and every “I’ll just wear leggings” outfit in between.

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Made of nylon and spandex, the Active Legging comes in combinations of navy blue, black, green and moss in sizes XS to XL. High-waisted style has a side pocket to store small items like keys or wallet can be when you’re away from home.

While other meshes in this category will cost $ 100 plus, you could get two pairs of these for the same price. It is good news for anyone that is scraping the bottom of his athletic wear drawer when laundry day is still far away.

When my own green pair arrives in the mail, and I’m going to put on my day without much thought. It is not until later, when I’m sitting at my desk drinking a cup of coffee I realized me that all my nemesis usual style (toe camel, too tight calf-seams and scratchy fabrics) have taken the day. In my opinion, forget the clothes you’re wearing are the best type and leggings were quite comfortable encouraged that paid attention as the course of the day.

Lively leggings review
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Shop now: Lively The Active Legging, $55

Course: No spats have really gained a gold star until you put through wringer with a sweaty workout. In my case, that meant two test units. First, I flowed through an online yoga class to the side of the heater in my living room: my version of “vinyasa hot” in times of quarantine.

As I moved from pose to pose, pants allowed me to move freely so that, once again, I found myself forgetting that I was wearing nothing at all. (Do not pull the pants while precarious balance in tree pose.) The fabric thinner kept me shvitzing overheating and finished class, but not to wear see through pants.

Great, I thought, but how could withstand a career when most spats begin to chafe against my skin immediately? To my surprise and delight, animated leggings was completely motionless. Without budging. Do not slip. Do not rub as miles per streaming. No angry red bumps appeared between my thighs during my cooling.

Your workout gear should make you excited to move—and, for me, The Active Pant did just that.

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