It’s Official: This Is the Best, Easiest Way To Cook Acorn Squash

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Looking to jazz up your fall produce without reinventing the wheel? Try this easy method for roasted acorn squash.

The Best Easiest Way To Cook Acorn Squash – If the thought of doing another Butternault squash dish, this fall saved you from your mind, spend things with a gland squash. Gland squash is full of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. It is also one of these vegetables that when it is cooked, it looks like it took a lot of skills but is actually easy to prepare.

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The Best Easiest Way To Cook Acorn Squash

In this cook episode with us, Mariah Gladstone, founder of Indigikitchen, shows us how to make maple roasted acorn squash.

“Gland squash is one of hundreds of squash varieties that have been grown in the Americas for thousands of years,” Gladstone said. “Aboriginal people have expressly high different varieties of squash for different characteristics.” For gland squash, it’s a soft flavor and a soft texture when it is grilled.

This recipe meets with some simple ingredients, including maple syrup and paprika, and it’s super simple. Seriously. The most difficult part is to cut off the pit of a glans. If it seems intimidating, do not worry because Gladstone also demonstrates an easy way to cut it. And if I think it’s easy, so everyone should go well.

“This grilled maple squash makes a delicious dish for almost all autumn meals,” says Gladstone. The caramelized maple syrup in the oven and gives the squash a confit filling. She adds that this is also easily maintained during the night in the refrigerator for the remains – you can heat it or serve cold on something like a salad.

Watch the video to get the full recipe—and get ready for the impressed “oh my gourd” comments to come rolling in.

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