Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED full-feature eBike has a 706 Wh battery and travels up to 28 mph

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The Serial 1 Rush Cty Speed ​​Full-Feeling Ebike is an excellent alternative to drive or walk. It offers a profusion of features that make it ideal for daily use. It is equipped with a 706 Wh lithium-ion battery that can travel 25-115 miles on a single charge, and can remove it quickly without any tool.

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Once in place, the battery is blocked to the frame for excellent security. In addition, this complete feature of EBIKE has a powerful 250 W motor and can reach higher speeds of 28 mph. This is ideal for daily travelers or to use for fun. But you can also use the speed of hurry / cty at night, thanks to the front and rear lights and LED headlights that improve night visibility. In general, this eBike provides a lot of help and allows you to support an adventure.

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