Satechi USB-C iPhone 12 Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable charges your phone up to 7.5W

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Use the SATECHI USB-C iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging cable to load your device up to 7.5W for your convenience. It is a useful gadget to always keep the battery of your phone. The device is compatible with several iPhone 12, including Mini, Pro, and Pro Max.

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And its powerful magnetic accessory provides a secure connection to protect your iPhone 12 and avoid any damage. In addition, the powerful magnets are easily attached to your phone at an instant and offer a satisfied click when loaded. In addition, with a cable length of five feet, the Satechi USB-C iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging cable eliminates any restriction, which makes it suitable for daily use. In fact, this allows you to recharge your iPhone from your sofa or kitchen table without stretching the cable. In general, this device provides fast loading capabilities for various iPhone 12 models.

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