Paula Abdul Hates Sit-Ups, Too—Here’s What She Does To Keep Her Core Strong Instead

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During the full 90 minutes I spent watching Paula Abdul in Las Vegas last year, my jaw was on the floor. She sang, danced, and ran around the stage in a way that I have never seen in my life. One thing was abundantly clear: this lady likes to move.

But as she told me in a recent interview in honor of her partnership with Voltaren, Thanks to the orders of stay at home and the joint pain induced by arthritis, obtaining the type of movement that long is not as easy as it used to be. To stay motivated, she integrates small outbreaks of effort on her day. “The most important thing for me is that it incorporates a movement every day,” says Abdul. “Even if I’m watching television, if there is a commercial break, I move it and turn on music and dance or jump to my rowing machine. In this way, I know that even if I’m getting into 10 minutes of movement a few times Day, at least I’m doing something. ”

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To complement the Cardio Sessions of Commercial Rupture of Ella, Abdul is also based on some movements to keep it the main force of it. “I hate regular squats because they hurt the neck, so I have learned differently, you have to incorporate incorporation,” she says. “I grabbed the foot of the sofa and I will make extensions and scissors of the legs, followed by some central stretches that involve hiring my core to press my belly button on the back of my spine and then release.”

For Abdul, moving in the registry is critically important to keep arthritis from it at bay. “The movement is the best friend of my body because it lubricates the joints,” says Abdul. But on days when it gets the better of her, she relies on Voltaren Topical Pain Gel ($29) for relieving pain her feet, ankles, and knees. After decades as a performer pushing her body to its limits, Abdul has realized that giving it the movement it needs—even if it comes in two-minute, bite-sized bursts—is the ultimate way to keep it going.

For more dancer abs moves you can try at home, check out the video below. 

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