Moshi Deep Purple™ origami-inspired UV sanitizer cleans in 4 minutes and folds in seconds

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A pioneer in the space of technological accessories, Moshi develops quality products with an emphasis on sophisticated design, superior quality and ecological awareness. The UV disinfectant inspired by the origami purple ™ represents Moshi’s vision of a cleaner, safer and healthier life.

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The device is folded just two centimeters thick, sliding easily on a bag or backpack. This UV disinfectant combats the accumulation of germs and bacteria in personal belongings, using non-mercury UV-C LED lights that disinfect in just four minutes and clean 360 ° in a single cycle. The UV effectiveness indicator allows you to know that the content received enough exposure. And there are double safes to ensure that there are no UV light leaks. Power Deep Purple ™ with a USB font, such as a wall adapter, automobile charger or portable battery. Ideal for cleaning your belongings anywhere, at any time, your deep purple ™ UV disinfectant works in almost any configuration.

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