Hate the Taste of Bananas? Here’s How To Make Your Smoothies Creamy and Delicious Without Them

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Whether you are looking for a green smoothie, anti-inflammatory smoothie or protein shake packed, most recipes out there tend to have one thing in common: the banana. The fruit smoothie is a popular ingredient for a reason-that adds natural sweetness and creaminess to the finished product, along with plenty of nutrition.

“Bananas are rich in potassium, an important mineral that regulates fluid balance and muscle contractions, and intake is important to support healthy blood pressure,” he says Kelly Jones, RD. In addition, bananas provide fiber that can benefit intestinal health and keep you full longer. “In addition, the bananas ripen, they become richer in antioxidants,” she added.

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However, if you happen to be one of the many people who find the taste of banana soporific (just take this Reddit thread as proof), rest assured that it’s not the only ingredient that can ensure a delicious, creamy smoothie. There are quite a few healthier alternatives for bananas in smoothies that provide texture without any taste a sip as Laffy Taffy yellow. (You know the ones). You’ll thank me later.

Keep reading for 5 excellent substitutes for banana in smoothies that add all the creaminess with zero aftertaste:

1. Riced cauliflower

“Cauliflower blends frozen riced easily, even if you do not have a high power mixer and has a mild flavor to help make your smoothie nice and smooth,” Jones says. (You can also use frozen cauliflower florets, but they can not blend as well.) “[Cauliflower riced is] great for smoothies red fruit with a hint of vanilla extract,” she suggests .

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2. Frozen butternut squash

Squash is in season for autumn, but you can use frozen squash at any time. “Frozen muscular squash is a GO-TO for me to make smoothies [creamy] and get an extra vegetable in the diet of my toddler,” says Jones. It also provides potassium and antioxidant carotenoids to support the immune system.

“As I usually buy frozen, if you happen to have peeled, cut into cubes and baked an entire squash, you can freeze the remains for your next smoothie,” she adds. For an autumn smoothie, mix with apples and cinnamon.

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3. Frozen mango or peach

“Frozen mango and fisheries offer a more subtle taste while offering sweetness like bananas, do, while offering the smooth texture you want,” Jones said. These can be your best bets for green smoothies with curly cabbage and herbs because they add a soft flavor, but you can use fruits for other smoothies that are more fruity or tropical protein powder or use And the nut butter. “If you froze your own fruit, make sure to peel the mango first, but the fishing skin is quite mild as it should mix well,” she adds.

4. Avocado

“The lawyer adds a creamy texture with a sweet flavor with satisfying healthy fats, missing smoothies Often,” Jones says. You can buy frozen avocado peel and seed bag or legal fees before the freeze in a waterproof bag or container. Adding avocado to any smoothie of your choice works because of the mild flavor; pairing fruit with chocolate is especially delicious.

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5. Zucchini

This could be one of the most surprising substitutes for bananas in smoothies, but trust us: It is quite legitimate. “If you use the zucchini in smoothies, you definitely want to peel the zucchini cut in half first, then the length before ginning the seeds inhibit the ability to get the most smooth texture you are looking for,” says Jones. As with the other ingredients, freeze before using so you do not have to add ice (which can negatively affect the final texture of smoothies). Combine zucchini blueberries for a fruit flavor and hemp or chia seeds, protein powder of choice, and a little almond milk, and you have a great breakfast (and banana) ready to go.

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Looking for more ways to jazz up your smoothies? Try this no-fail formula from an herbalist: 

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