House of Marley Redemption ANC sweatproof earbuds are designed from sustainable materials

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Designed with sustainable materials, such as bamboo, from returning silicone and wood fiber compound, AC camera for AC-proof headphones are an ecological purchase.

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In addition, these materials offer an IPX4 rating, which makes the headphones resistant to sweat and weather. In addition, they have active noise cancellation and environmental mode for personalized configurations when listening to music. And the house of the AC headphones of the house of Marley deliver deep low, small and crunchy high media to keep it motivated when exercise. And the comfortable and safe fit hold them in your ears during use. But you can also use these headphones to answer calls on the fly. With controls on board, you allow you to accept calls and pause and play tracks with a touch. In addition, they offer a duration of the 20-hour battery combined with the loading box. Finally, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity avoids the need for cords.

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