So, You’re Hosting Your First Thanksgiving? Here’s the No-Stress Guide to Topping the Table

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It is safe to assume that this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations will be quite different from those of the past of the year. The CDC has warned the meeting with people outside their habitual bubble and recommends exercising caution when traveling. But only because the 2020 dinner can be smaller (for the good of security) and the Inus could be in you to take your first celebration, do not worry about the details. Because some of our favorite housing stores are Upping The Game, to decorate the holiday without stress.

And for what is it worth? Elaboration of a table that will launch a thousand congratulations, or at least many likes them from Instagram, it is very simple of what I might think. To help you make the holiday a hit, we tapped Parachute founder (and queen of the elevated, unfussy tablescape) Ariel Kaye to share her expertise on decorating a Thanksgiving table. Read on for her festive tips you’ll be sure to want to make your own this season.

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1. Select a centerpiece

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While the food is technically the star of the spectacle on Thanksgiving, the perfect centerpiece will provide a memorable backdrop to its gastronomic experience. “Usually, I prefer lower profile central pieces, as they do not block the view of people through the tables,” says Kaye. “I tend to gravitate towards a coolest look and gathered from flowers, green and seasonal colors, and I love the incorporation of seasonal fruits and vegetables into my center centers.” And in doubt? Collect some fresh flowers or a garland at the farmer’s market for easy and affordable update to your table.

2. Layer textures

Photo: Parachute

“Layer textures create a remarkable board,” says Kaye, who suggests stacking audacious ceramic dishes, such as the parachute X Jono Pandolfi Coupe Collection ($ 112) on top of a Linen Shuffle tablecloth Breezy ($ 129 ) And scales the adjustment with brushed gold veil cutlery ($ 60). “These are essential elements considered that they create a memorable environment, it is also fun and easy to get creative with their tables, mix and combine bedding and ceramics to create a new look for each occasion”. End look with candles and fresh flowers for a wink to nature inside, which we certainly need as we go to the dark months.

3. Mix and match

The cardinal ruler for the decoration of thanksgiving? Keep it simple, and do not get stressed by the fact that you do not have six perfectly paired place settings. “I am a big fan of mixing and combining, so things do not feel too much,” says Kaye. “Gather the chairs of different rooms at home, use a variety of glassware and serve family-style dishes so that everyone can Relax and enjoy “Add there’s no” no rules “when it comes to your table, so feel free to be creative with what you have and really do it.

4. Personalize it

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Make your Thanksgiving meal feel higher than your usual Thursday night dinner when decorating the table with place cards. Write the names of your guests in seasonal accents such as Pinecones, pumpkins or leaves as a sure way to make all your guests (even if it is technically just the three people in your bubble!) Feel special.

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