Get Three Lives Out of This Candle That Turns Into an Herb Planter

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Pretty candle holders make me happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because they’re gorgeous to look at. But sad, because once the wax is gone the holder often ends up in the recycling. Esker stepped into the candle game to change that with this plantable candle.

Now, that doesn’t mean you stick the holder in the ground once the candle has fully burned. It means you use the vessel as a planter—and it comes with everything you need to do so.

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Esker planter candle
Photo: Esker / W+G Creative

When you open the sail, you will notice a floors and a dust cover. Hold both and burn your sail as usual. (Fortunately, the box is as beautiful as the sail so you can keep them there).

The sail itself is found in a beautiful terrazzo ceramic ship. Rust Pops, Taupe and Mustard give the owner a vibrant but earthy environment. The wax poured is a soybean mix of Musky Palo Santo, Rose by Herbal Rose, and notes of Woodsy cedar.

Once you have burned the wax, empty the sheath from the ground towards the container and add water. The water causes the soil to expand, taking it to life as one of those little magic wipes (the 90s babies-iykyk). Then, plant the dust cover in dirt. The powder cover is made of seed paper that has culinary herbal seeds pressed inside.

Erin Marino, director of brand marketing at The Sill, says growing herbs is relatively easy and super rewarding.

“The growing grass is a satisfactory way to exercise your green thumb, specifically because your hard work can save you a trip to the store,” he says. “A covered herbal garden is relatively easy to grow, as long as it has adequate light, they need tons of sunlight, about four to five hours a day. That can be particularly difficult to achieve in winter.” Usually , the windows with a south or southwest exposure are ideal, but the east or west will also work, “says Marino. If you do not receive tons of natural sunlight in your space, Marino says that a plant plant can make sure that His herbs are getting enough light.

Once your plant takes off, you can use the herbs for cooking. Andrea Mathis, RDN, a dietary based in Alabama, says that because herbs are green green, they are filled with nutrients and antioxidants. “There are several herbs that have a significant amount of vitamins A, C and K,” says Mathis. That support the eye and bone health; increase immunity; and helps bone health and wound healing; respectively. “Some herbs, like parsley, mint and oregano, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects,” she adds.

This candle is truly a sustainable agreement of three percent: a relaxing candle, a beautiful plant and herbs for cooking. Give it to a friend (or yourself) as the gift you literally keep giving.

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