EDC gear guide of 2020—must-have gadgets for the new normal

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EDC gear guide of 2020—must-have gadgets for the new normal

Stepping outside the house is slightly more complicated than it used to be. But gadgets like the ones on our EDC gear guide 2020 make it easier and safer. Check out this blog post to see some of our favorite products for navigating the new normal, in style.

2020 has certainly given way to a new normal. In just one year, consumer products have changed to disinfectants of all kinds, masks and tools that facilitate interaction contactless possible audience. So today, we are presenting our guide EDC gear 2020. These are some of our favorite must-have gadgets for getting around now.

This list has items that are cooler than your typical EDC finds, like this LED mask that has lights you can customize. And this transparent spray bottle that turns tap water into a chemical-free disinfectant. These products show us that it is possible to be away from home in a way that is healthy but nice.

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O2 Nano Mask Reusable Nanofiltration Mask

For the first time in our guide gear EDC 2020 is the O2 Nano Mask Reusable nanofiltration. This mask blocks 99% of PM2.5 using nanotechnology. It is also breathable and has a stylish look.

Leaf Transparent UV Mask

UV transparent mask sheet has a clear design, letting others see their expressions. Best of all, is the self-clean using UV-C technology and HEPA filters U series carbon is used.

JabberMask Customizable LED Face Mask

The JabberMask Customizable LED Face Mask brings out your personality. Available in thee models, each gives you 50 unique ways to customize your face mask with LEDs.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Battery-Powered Face Mask

Mask LG air purifier Puricare usable battery-operated is another cool product on our gear guide 2020. EDC uses two HEPA filters H13 supply you with fresh, clean air. It also monitors the volume of breathing and changes in the speed of the fan to the game.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Battery-Powered Face Mask

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier battery-powered face mask on a man

KLIGIT  Everyday Tool

Daily use tool KLIGIT I have antimicrobial material, keeping it away from public areas. Its haptic system also helps with anxiety, self-defense, and holds his dog’s leash. Magnets difficult to access hardware.

Safetouch Antimicrobial Key

Another great theme of our gear guide EDC 2020 is the antimicrobial key Safetouch. This handy button helps you avoid touching the knobs, handles, buttons, ATMs and other high-touch surfaces. What’s more, even he has a bottle opener and key ring.

UVLyzer Smartphone Sanitizer Sticker

The smartphone UVLyzer disinfectant label is just what it sounds like; a sticker that disinfects. Use it to disinfect door handles, restaurant utensils, pacifiers, and more. In addition, these germicides, chemical free stickers are easy to use.

Shield by Damned Designs Safe Hygiene Tool

Damned shield designs safe hygiene tools has a sleek design that fits in your pocket. With guides inside of the curve, which owns supermarket bags and open doors.

SANITAS Antibacterial Copper Door Opener

Antibacterial Copper Door Opener SANITAS open the doors and press the buttons allows. Oligodynamic metal with this tool environment with the medium idle 99% of the common bacteria.

Dango Products Titanium Capsule EDC Holder

Dango holder titanium products Capsule EDC is a point in our guide gear EDC 2020 that maintains its orderly needs. Its small size has elements such as a door opener, pills, and more.

Go.C Wearable Hand Sanitizer

The Go.C usable hand sanitizer has a beautiful minimalist design and is easy to carry anywhere. Just press the button to dispense the correct amount of disinfectant in her palms.

Sunytizer Surface and Hand Sanitizer

The Sunytizer surface and hand sanitizer is a disinfectant to clean everything. Its spray contains 70% alcohol, which kills germs, bacteria, and viruses. Moreover, it is safe to use on your body and even your dog.

Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray

Olika Moisturizing Spray hand sanitizer is another great choice in our guide EDC gear 2020. With its adorable design, this hand sanitizer dispenser keeps you motivated to disinfect hands. It is a disinfectant clean hands and refillable mist that kills 99.9% of germs.

Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray

Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray in color options

LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb

LIFX bulb Clean Antibacterial intelligent allowed kill bacteria and decontaminate your home through high-energy violet light. It is safe for people, plants and pets. Best of all, you can even connect to a hub.

LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb

LIFX Clean antibacterial smart bulb in a home

O3Waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Finally, the spray bottle O3Waterworks disinfectant solution creates its own disinfection turning the water in the aqueous ozone. Kills 99.9% of the common bacteria and pathogens in virtually any surface.

While going outside is a little more complicated than it used to be, this guide apparatus 2020 EDC gear make easy healthy stay in public. And their precious practical designs, they can even help you remember to use them. Have you found any large appliances EDC this year? Let us know about them in the comments.

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