You’re Not Imagining It: Chocolate Really Does Reduce Stress

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Having an intense week? Here’s why chocolate for stress relief is actually effective.

“Chocolate reduces stress” seems a bit like one of those things that you say so this year does not seem like a total serotonin nightmare. (As my mantra, “the wine does not count during the election week.”) However, in the case of chocolate, it is really true. In this episode of Well+Good’s YouTube series You Versus Food, registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman breaks down what, exactly, makes chocolate an effective stress-fighter.

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“Dark chocolate can be useful to relieve anxiety due to its antioxidants, flavanols and, of course, taste,” says Beckerman. “Antioxidants present in dark chocolate can reduce stress by reducing cortisol levels, as well as struggle or flight hormones known as catecholamines.”

Go for black chocolate, which has greater amounts of cocoa in it and, therefore, greater amounts of beneficial antioxidants. (In addition, it is lower in sugar compared to milk chocolate, and excess sugar can contribute to inflammation and the provocation of anxiety, blood sugar shocks). You can also try the cocoa, which is made of cocoa grains at no cost, and, therefore, preserves the lots.

of nutrients, including stress that fights against magnesium and alkaloids that increase mood. When buying, look for brands such as Moodygirl ($ 26 by three bars), Sol Cacao ($ 7 per bar) and HU kitchen ($ 6 per bar), all of which make dark chocolate bars with minimum and high quality ingredients.

Since 2020 has essentially replaced each nanogram of any happiness hormones with cortisol, I am extremely here because of the knowledge that chocolate for stress relief is backed by science. But it is not the only food that can help reduce stress.

So, if, like me, your stress levels are so high that all your specific ads on social networks are for weighted blankets and natural sleep aid, take a look at the full video to see the other foods that fight against stress that Recommend Beckerman.

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