Best Mac accessories for your new Apple M1 Silicon Macs

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Best Mac accessories for your new Apple M1 Silicon Macs

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled its much-anticipated M1 proprietary chip and the new MacBooks and Mac Mini that use it. But what accessories should you get for your new Mac? We’ve got some great ideas for you in today’s Daily Digest. Keep reading to see the gadgets that can make your new Mac even better.

Excited about the new Apple Mac silicone M1? That’s how we are. And if you’re looking to upgrade to the next generation of Mac with the new Apple chip M1 revealed in the event Tuesday Apple will want to find some of the best accessories for MP MAC Silicon Macs.

Devices using the new chips include the new Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. And fortunately, there are plenty of excellent accessories that can make your new Mac experience even better than you would expect. For Mac Mini, you could go for a Mac Mini hub and stand that lifts your Mac Mini and gives you six additional ports. And if you’re set on a new MacBook, why not treat yourself to a laptop sleeve that also keeps it charged? No matter the new Mac you choose, you’re sure to find a great accessory for it then.

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Silviano Smart Laptop Sleeve

First on our list of accessories for Mac M1 Silicon is the case for intelligent portable Silviano. This case features a full flower, ecological leather is hand painted with Italian waxes. But what is more, it takes up to three devices at once.

ElevationLab ElevationHub MacBook Power Adaptor

The power adapter for the MacBook ElevationLab ElevationHub keeps your cables tangle MacBook. It has rubber straps and a Velcro strap that wraps the charger, keeping it nice and organized.

MonitorMate ProBASE Gen2 Multifunctional Stand

MonitorMate ProBase support Gen2 multifunction is a USB 3.1 support and features SuperSpeed ​​data transmission +. It also provides several ports, including a micro SD slot, USB-C port, and a HDMI port 4K.

MonitorMate ProBASE Gen2 Multifunctional Stand

MonitorMate ProBASE Gen2 multifunctional stand on a home workspace

HYPER HyperDrive Duo MacBook USB-C Hub

Another great article in this list of the best accessories for M1 Silicon Mac is the Husperdrive Duo MacBook USB-C Hub. It adheres to your laptop with a magnet, and the two USB-C ports provide you with 100-watt energy delivery and data transfer of 60 watts.

Twelve South Curve SE MacBook Stand

Support Twelve South Bend MacBook adds instant style to your workspace. This is because it raises the MacBook at a comfortable height and has a beautiful one-piece design.

Twelve South Curve SE MacBook Stand

Twelve South Curve SE MacBook stand on a workspace

Trooss Smart USB-C Charging Hub

The Trooss USB Smart Hub-C charge wirelessly allows you to charge your compatible smartphone or Apple Watch right on the MacBook. It also provides seven ports, including an HDMI port that supports 4K to 30 Hz.

SINEX Multifunctional Laptop Stand Case

The laptop represents Sinex multifunctional case is another excellent article on our list of the best accessories for Mac M1 Silicon. It has a 3-in-1 design that works as a case, ergonomic support, and support for the wrist. You have never worked with more comfort on the MacBook.

Henge Docks Vertical MacBook Pro Dock

The Henge Dock Docks Vertical MacBook Pro clear space on your desk, because it keeps the MacBook raised while charging. Best of all, you can keep your peripherals connected to the docking station while your laptop is turned on.

DriveSlide Laptop Attachment

Annex portable DriveSlide have hard drives and hubs securely on the top of your laptop. This helps durable and light office consists of a lock and key. Lock attaches to your laptop while the key is hooked on their hard disks and hubs.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Fast SSD

The SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD fast is on our list of the best accessories for Mac M1 silicon, offering transfer speeds lightning speed. NVMe SanDisk’s technology dramatically increases file transfer speeds of up to 1,050 MB / s.

Mac Mini

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great addition to any Mac Mini. It is lighter than previous versions and has fewer moving parts. In addition, its rechargeable design means you do not have to buy batteries for this mouse.

Satechi Type-C Aluminum Stand & Mac Mini

The Satechi C type aluminum support and Mac Mini is a support are only for the Mac Mini. Raise your Mac and gives you six additional ports with only a USB-C connection. Also you will love the built-in air vents.

USB-C Mini by Nonda

The USB-C Mini Nonda is perfect for anyone who needs a super-small USB-C adapter. It has a low profile, measuring just 1.1 inches long. Plugs opposite ends cables standard USB-A as chargers and storage units.

USB-C Mini by Nonda

USB-C Mini by Nonda on a laptop

BenQ PD322OU 32-Inch Full-HD Display

The BenQ PD322OU 32-inch Full HD display is a large monitor for Mac Minis. wide range of colors working on the P3 that Apple uses, and has a MacBook Color mode designed for professionals who use Apple computers.

Satechi Aluminum iMac Keyboards

The final product on our list of great accessories for Mac M1 silicon is Satechi aluminum iMac keyboards. Because, of course, a keyboard for iMac Mini is needed. There are two versions with and without cables. All models feature an extended layout with full keypads.

Satechi Aluminum iMac Keyboards

Satechi Aluminum iMac Keyboards next to an iMac

It’s an exciting time to buy a new Mac. Whether you have your eyes set on a new MacBook or want a Mac Mini, you’ll want to be set with the right accessories. What MacBook and Mac Mini accessories do you need to work your best? Let us know in the comments.

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