A Bottle of This Peeling Mask Sells Every 12 Seconds—But Is It *Really* Worth the Hype?

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As a beauty business online, the devotee that has abandoned many purchasing baskets, some products that I simply can not seem to escape. The things I had with casualness of my eyes for months appear as magic as advertisements in the corners of the internet, and when I see enough times, I go. That’s how I ended up healing natural Aqua Gel ($ 38), a Japanese coat mask that got serious worship (including many beauty editors), and offers powerful exfoliation at once sweet which gives ultra-smooth skin.

The product has undeniably starred statistics, including 4,000 five-star reviews of Amazon and the title of “Top Exfoliator in Japan” -So it is easy to understand why a bottle of it sells every 12 seconds. But what really attracted me was the fact that his fans claim that he visibly cleans dead skin cells, which can be a complete play changer in improving the texture of severely dry skin.

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The Peels have always intimidated me, but because this one is loaded with sweet extracts such as rosemary, aloe and ginkgo, I felt it well used on my sensitive complexion. Excerpts harmful to the skin side, the true star of the show here is the concentration of the formula of 91% hydrogen activated water. It works to restore skin cells by stimulating cell rotation and reducing oxidative stress, which contributes to premature aging, uneven skin and uneven skin skin. Physically, it also promises to solve problems related to blackheads, enlarged pores and mattitude.

When he arrived to test the Aqua gel for myself, I cleaned and dried from the towel my face before diving. I applied two product pumps everywhere in my complexion and let it rest for 10 seconds to allow the formula to interact with dead skin cells. Then I massage it into my skin using light pressure and instantly started seeing dead skin balls forming my cheeks, nose and forehead. I was already impressed by the number of dead skin cells, but it was not before I’m in my chin that I noticed a large amount accumulated, which I will attribute to the months of carrying a face cover . The formula is going to be smooth to feel Gritty when you rub it in the skin (thanks to these dead skin balls), but I have never experienced tingling, burns or discomfort.

After a minute of a minute of DIY massage, I rinsed it and I had this feeling of “creaky squeaky feeling” on my face. For me, this sensation usually means that my skin has been stripped of its natural oils, which can cause a tightness, redness and dehydration. Fortunately, once I patted my skin dry, the feeling left, and every inch of my skin felt baby-sweet baby, as if I had just finished shaving my face – it was as smooth.

I continued with my nocturnal skin care routine by placing on the Ranavat saffron serum ($ 135) to further improve the new skin of my skin and finite things with my Charlotte Tilbury magic cream cream ($ 100) to seal the hydration. My skin drank both products and I found that they quickly absorbed into my skin with respect to the sitting position on the top. So, if you are looking to get rid of dead dye cells with an incredibly soft formula, aqua gel cure deserves a place like your new beauty plant.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel, $38

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To learn more about exfoliation (and why you should be doing it on the reg), check out the video below. 

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