8 Statement Sweatsuits to Keep You Cozy Through Fall and Beyond

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8 Statement Sweatsuits to Keep You Cozy Through Fall and Beyond – Eight months after the pandemic, which eventually gave way: I got a combo with hood-and-sweatpants. Yes, I not even am wearing sweatpants when my dress code gym compulsory secondary school, but it was a purple, tie-dye (obviously) the number of Sailor Moon with my name everywhere.

The truth is another COVID wave is imminent and we all want to be our most comfortable when we sat out. Weather forecast for sweatsuit statement sets is here.

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8 Statement Sweatsuits to Keep You Cozy Through Fall and Beyond

And when I say that, I do not mean your cutest bralette and bicycle shorts, the “hot” forty two pieces. We’re talking straight-up, loose, occasionally shackled-on-the-ankle, living-a-divers breathe. We also avoiding contact with heather gray divers seen in romantic comedies. This is your “cool” quarantine part two which will be performed through the cold days of winter and beyond. Then eight sets sweatsuit that make you feel like curled and still elegant.

1. NSF

Not everyone wants to embrace his interior Peg Bundy, but I am a firm believer in dressing like a big cat. While it manifests itself as a big spongy puppy leopard coat, we are not really, uh, going anywhere these days. This is going to do in the meantime.

2. New Girl Order

I this very strange and artistic combination has strong vibrations 2020, because, well, pretty much everything mismatched and surreal, right? That, and the cherubs are legit masks.

3. Aviator Nation

The premise of a completely white tracksuit shouting “Legends Only”. I’m realist; this will never work for my Chinese take-loving lifestyle. If you also feel intimidated, Nation Aviator has a lot of other smart choices with Bowie-esque pin.

4. Free People

It feels like tie-dye has not been so fashionable because what? A time when black light posters were also in vogue? So brighten up your life and get some tie-dye (and black light poster, which is amazing ish).

5. Girlfriend Collective

For something a little lighter and decidedly environmentally conscious (these are made from recycled plastic bottles) can not go wrong with this rich two pieces for a real rest and relaxation.

5. Los Angeles Apparel

I feel like at first sight, this gives out real “sexy man in the yellow hat Halloween costume” vibrations. I am also, in spite of myself, this retro aesthetic weirly. Los Angeles putting clothes on divers can swim happily in and offering a rainbow of colors if the Curious George cosplay is not for you.

6. Tier NYC

Hellooo this set of French terry cotton, dyed the same color as the most magnificent courses in Provence. It might be a while (long) until we can make the trip in person, but at the least have something chic to Daydream on until then.

7. Entireworld

Obviously I asked for beauty and fitness editor of Zoe Weiner about your favorite sweat suits; This is more so someone well versed in athleisure I (or most) would be. Your answer? “Everything from the website of Entireworld” (which is, incidentally, practically a TME experience).

8. Hot Topic

Sue me. I think this is stupid cute.

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