5 Pairs of the Absolute Best Leggings With Pockets For Whatever You’ve Got Going On

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We all have had that moment when someone congratulates a dress or an outfit, and the first words of our mouth are: “Thank you, you have pockets!”

Having played this game many times over the years, I am a great believer that anything with the pockets is significantly better, and that includes leggings.

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Now that 2020 has established leggings as the most popular ticket article in our costumes, we need options that are comfortable and functional, and that’s where your pockets enter. If you are looking for a pair of leggings with drawings with a hidden zipper on your waist or some elegant and black classics with deep pockets on your thigh, we have it covered.

5 Pairs of the Absolute Best Leggings With Pockets For Whatever

Below are the best leggings with pockets that can take everything, if that means a handful of Peanut M & Ms to the sofa for a Netflix Binge or your aircraft box in a long winter race.

1. ALALA Mirage Tight, $125

best leggings with pockets
Photo: Alala

I will borrow the term “brunch leggings” to describe this simplified pair of one of our favorite bipoc brands. With the room for a phone on one side and, in any other essential, these leggings are functional, while adding a raised touch with slippery material. Alalla preaches “All day style” with your training wear, and these leggings are the perfect selection for day to night transition when you do not have an additional time to change. Who needs a LBD when I can have a couple of lbls (small black leggings)?

2. Girlfriend Collective Tart Hi-Rise Pocket Legging, $78

best leggings with pockets
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

Wanting a color pop in your winter costume? These cult-fave leggings are back by popular demand in five classic colors, as well as four bright limited edition, such as this autumn orange shadow. They are ultra-tall, compressivos, and have double side pockets for additional storage space. And the best part? They are made of recycled water bottles, and each pair maintains 25 bottles of landfills.

3. Lululemon Fast and Free Tight II, $128

best leggings with pockets
Photo: Lululemon

These Lulu leggings, who are among my personal favorites, are the queens of the non-restrictions movement (Dane a dramatic dance). The drop pockets are the perfect size for a telephone, and the waist is tight enough to help you avoid medium training settings. They are made to run, and their fast drying fabric will help you say to Buh-Bye to the uncomfortable fruit.

4. Free People Kyoto Hi-Rise Ankle Legging, $128

best leggings with pockets
Photo: Free People

Are you looking for a couple of leggings that feel like your favorite tracksuit pants? These high-rise selections are perfect for low impact training and even lower impact movie nights. In addition, the details of the patchwork will make them feel totally different from the other 15 pairs of black leggings in their already overflowed drawer.

5. Athleta Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight, $108

best leggings with pockets
Photo: Athleta

Ideal for Backcountry hikers or city explorers, these leggings are the most versatile lot. They have six pockets (six!), They are waterproof, and have been promoted as the best moving pants.

Pop your iPhone in your pocket and put these leggings to the test with this running endurance workout. 

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