5 of the Warmest Running Headbands that Have Saved My Winter Morning Workout Ears

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Imagine this: It’s 6 years old, it’s dark and cold. You are in a battle with your duvet cover when you pull your toes under a blanket and in a pair of sneakers. Congratulations: You did it! But a good winter race is a top-to-rocking business … So what about your head? The current headbands are the ideal way to protect your ears against the cold winter, and they do wonders to keep the hair out of your face.

When it comes to finding the perfect, it is important to keep an eye on some key factors. If the headband is sweaty metro, it will absorb moisture and prevent it from dripping in your eyes. If it’s reflective, it will keep you visible and safe during shorter hours of light. Scroll through the five bands of five most powerful operating strips to check each box.

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best running headbands
Photo: Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty’s celebrates the power fabric is back again. This reflective headband is sweat and fast drying. Extensible and favorable. But the best part? Just like your favorite baseball cap, it has a sneaky hole in the back to fit your ponytail.

warmest running headbands
Photo: The North Face

Looking for a Bogo affair? This tobble headband is reversible, so really, you get two elegant looks for the price of one. Although technically manufactured for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, examiners rent its versatility for any type of winter activity (even if it means a comfortable winter walk around the neighborhood).

best running headbands
Photo: Dick’s Sporting Goods

This new elegant Nike number has a double layer construction for optimal heat. The fleece lining is designed to keep your fright dry and your ears comfortable while you run and that the silver style is perfect for visibility on all these dark winter mornings.

best running headbands
Photo: Adidas

Sucker for adidas scratches? This classic knit black headband will go with everything and everything. As it is slightly thicker than most other common headbands, it’s the perfect compromise if you do not want to wear a full hat for your jogging, but I still want your head to feel warm and protected from the elements.

best running headbands
Photo: Athleta

With reflective details an extensible and lightweight fabric, this white athletic headband has a serious “snow rabbit”. Its thermo-conductor ceramic coating helps absorb and maintain your body heat for durable heat without adding or feeling large.

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