3 Up-And-Coming Beauty Brands That Are About To Be Absolutely Everywhere

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The beauty industry has changed a lot from the beginning of 2020. The main skin care brands began selling Luxe hand disinfectants and dermatologists are now consulting patients on how to beat Maskne. Thanks to our new reality, the searches of cosmetics have been all over the board. But a new Cosmetify report shows that some brands challenged the odds and saw a greater interest during summer and early autumn.

Cosmetify examined Google’s global searches during July, August, and September to find that Pür, Kitsch and Merci Handy had the largest percentage increase in searches. In addition, Cosmetify found that the best beauty mark was Huda Beauty, founded by the main influential beauty. In addition, they found that Colorpop Cosmetics was the favorite beauty mark of the United States. For more information about the Cosmetify Rising Star brands, keep reading.

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3 Cosmetify Rising Star brands that are about to be everywhere

1. Pür

Previously known as Pür Minerals, Pür is a vegan brand of skin care. Some, not all, of their products are free from parabens, gluten-free and without talcum. Sell ​​makeup products as its foundation and 4-in-1 foundation and concealer ($ 36) and skin care products, such as chemilla, cream, cream blush ($ 10). Google seeks pür 337.9 percent, a surge that Cosmetify attributes to a collaboration with Beauty Vlogger Raw Beauty Kristy. This line was exhausted at a few hours of its launch. Pür also released a collection of barbie themed makeup to honor the 60th birthday of the wrist. Cosmetify also classified Pür as the nine on its list of 10 main brands.

2. Kitsch

Known for its adorable hair accessories, Kitch gained more popularity during the pandemic for its facial masks. Google seeks kitsch increased by 115.5 percent. The brand is about raising its routine to make an act of self-care each step. From the truncations of the microfiber towel ($ 14) to the cases of satin pillow ($ 19), you can find beautiful items to add to your beauty arsenal. In November, the brand launched conditioner shampoo and bars, providing an alternative without plastic to traditional bottled shampoo and conditioner.

3. Merci Handy

This French brand specializes in handcare, perfect for now, when the disinfectant of hands is everyone’s best friend. Google looks for Merci Handy increased by 64.6 percent. It has a disinfecting gel of hands ($ 4) and the hands cream ($ 7), but it also goes out of the hands care sand with a silt shower gel ($ 15) and deodorant ($ 12). All its products are vegan and without cruelty, contain natural ingredients, and are made with perfumes designed in southern France.

Speaking of pandemic skin care, here’s how to treat maskne and other mask-related skin concerns:

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